Blooming Botany - The wonders of plants and how they work


Beautiful and amazing plants are growing all around us. But how do they do it? What's the secret to their success?


Planting Ideas about how things grow

In this fun and practical outdoor botany session students investigate the conditions that flowering plants need for life and how different parts of plants help them to grow. They then become 'garden designers' to bring their learning to life.

We run this half-day session in your school grounds, so you don't have to organise trips to external gardens or parks. We'll take inspiration from what's growing all around you while providing lots of ideas and resources of our own!

Rooted in the National Curriculum

Like all Triskelion outdoor learning events, our Blooming Botany day is linked to the National Curriculum ( Science Key Stage 2 - Year 3) and extends and compliments pupils' previous classroom learning:

  • Science: using different types of scientific enquiry to make careful and systematic observations, answer questions and draw simple conclusions; identifying and describing the functions of different parts of flowering plants; exploring the requirements of plants for growth; exploring the role of flowers in plant life cycles
  • Numeracy: using scale diagrams, taking measurements, simple calculations and recording data
  • Literacy: using role play to explore scientific processes

Blooming botany learning objectives

    By the end of the session your students will:
  • Know the functions of the different parts of a flowering plant and the conditions that plants need to grow well
  • Understand that every part of a plant has a specific job to do and how plants have adapted to live in different habitats
  • Be able to name each part of a plant, explain its job and choose appropriate places to grow particular plants

Request a session for your school?

We can arrange a to run a Blooming Botany day at your location for your students (up to 30 children per half day session). Just click the 'MY Request' button  below to start the process

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Gallery - Blooming Botany

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