Lettings Management and Income Generation


Our new lettings and income generation services are now available to help schools provide a diverse range of activities to local communities and students. We have spent many years developing our end to end services that help schools make more effective use of their assets. Our services are not only good value but enable schools to engage more closely with the local communities they serve at a time when schools resources are stretched.

Keep in touch or get involved as we share a lot more about this new service over the next few months. Feel free to call Mike on 07747 753607 / This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. for an informal conversation about what we do.


Key service elements

  • Lettings Management
  • Income Generation
  • Improving Participation and Community Engagement


  • no upfront fees or charges
  • no ongoing costs for our services unless you want to buy an optional bespoke service
  • increased revenues from lettings and programmes shared with your school
  • all staff provided by us
  • building productive partnerships with local communities
  • booking and payments systems all managed and paid for by us
  • targeted marketing to new and current customers
  • protecting and building on your schools, vision, brand and reputation
  • free marketing for your clubs / facility users
  • business reports and communications for all stakeholders
  • activity development programmes (sports and outdoor learning focus)
  • creating happy customers 

Partner Feedback

Working with Mike and Triskelion has been great for us. A once struggling club, we now have a school base and provide inclusive archery sessions every weekend. Triskelion have helped our club survive and grow into a thriving family friendly club. We also provide archery event services around Birmingham which helps promote us to new members while raising funds for development. None of this would have been possible without Mike's knowledge and enthusiasm and his dedication to supporting our sport

Beacon Archers - Birmingham



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