Outdoor Learning

There's plenty of evidence to show the importance of learning outside the classroom. We believe that when the learning takes place outdoors, and is linked to the natural world, the benefits can be extremely powerful, especially to children.

Overview of Outdoor Learning

“Children today spend less than half the time playing outdoors that their parents did and are less likely to spend time outdoors at school. They are growing up in an increasingly indoor, sedentary and virtual world, ever more divorced from the real world around them. This has a significant impact on their physical health, emotional wellbeing, social competence and their connection with the natural world and their local communities.”

Council for Learning Outside The Classroom

Like many others, we at Triskelion are concerned that children are spending less time outside, doing less exercise and taking fewer risks while, at the same time, they're under increasing pressure to perform well in school tests and exams. It's hardly a recipe for good physical or emotional health.

We believe that by taking children outdoors for learning, play and activity, it's possible to bring some much needed balance and perspective into their lives. This is especially true when these experiences are linked to the natural world.

As an outdoor learning company that works with schools, we’ve witnessed first-hand how children and young people can benefit when they take part in structured and unstructured outdoor learning programmes. We’ve seen them connect the knowledge they’ve gained in the classroom with real life experience to build context and meaning. We’ve watched them work together to investigate, experiment, reflect, solve problems create and share.

We know that outdoor learning can be fun, exciting, engaging and rewarding - for the children, their teachers and the practitioners running the outdoor sessions. We know that it can help build confidence, as well as social, teamwork and practical skills. We also know that it works best when it’s integral to curriculum planning and closely aligned to classroom activities – and not just seen as an occasional added extra. So, when it comes to delivering our outdoor learning programmes, we take an holistic approach by:

  • basing our events on curriculum topics and interweaving them with cross-curricular activities
  • catering for all learning styles and providing something for everyone
  • including social, creative and physical elements in all our activities
  • bringing classroom learning alive through imaginative and memorable real world experiences
  • providing ideas for extension activities
  • linking learning to the natural world and making creative use of school grounds, parks and other locations


What our customers say

"We are very happy with the services provided. Our students have had a great experience and we can't wait to see what Triskelion come up with next."

Green Meadow Primary School, 2015

"Wow! ... Wow! Wow!"

Year 4 pupil - Gilberstone Primary School, 2015

"The storytelling was amazing and it was great to have someone so adaptable to an open event with terrible weather! We got great feedback."

Dee Whittle - National Trust Green Academies Project Manager, 2014

"Thank you for a lovely evening, all the children and parents had a great time"

Joanne - Belbroughton C of E Primary School, 2015

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